Sunflower Mandala



This one-of-a-kind hanging wall art piece combines various media, including crystals, beads, metal, pigmented epoxy, mosaic tiles, and repurposed jewelry elements – in combination to create a work that celebrates life, the natural and green world, and of course, is dominated by a single sunflower element in the center.  This will not disappoint, especially when light sparkles off the many embedded Swarovski crystals integrated into its surface.

Wall hanging attachment loops are provided on the rear.  Attachment of at least one wall anchor point into a wall stud is highly recommended.  Dimensions are approximately 24” in diameter.

Notes on Care and Conditions:  While reflected sunlight and indoor ambient light is acceptable, this piece should be kept out of direct sunlight for sustained periods of time as colors may be affected of fade.

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Weight 20 lbs


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